Curated by Lucy Hunter

      February 24 – March 14, 2015

       Giampietro Gallery
       1064 Chapel St.
       New Haven, CT 06510

In addition to the symposium, The Legal Medium featured an art exhibition that extended the keyword of “law” to its full spectrum of uses: legislation, penal code, laws of physics, mathematical principles, universal truths. The show bridged these applications of law by examining processes of “naturalization,” a term that recalls not only immigration contentions, but also broader social instrumentation that renders disequality invisible. Irregular Rendition looked to artists whose varied practices confront the systemic—that which, in being ubiquitous, resists articulation.

A catalog distributed gratis at the gallery featured original texts by Tyler Coburn, Nicole Demby, and Nicolás Guagnini, as well as ephemera from artists’ encounters with legal and government entities. Catalog design by the New York Office.

Exhibition programming included screenings of selected 16mm films by Gordon Matta-Clark, and Mary Ellen Carroll’s 24-hour video Federal.


Timothy BergstromMelissa BrownMary Ellen Carroll, Tyler CoburnBrock EnrightCoco FuscoNicolás GuagniniDavid HorvitzMierle Laderman UkelesAlexandra Lerman, R. Lyon
Gordon Matta-Clark, Park McArthurNarcissister



Feb. 26, 7pm           Matta-Clark on 16mm
Selected Gordon Matta-Clark films screened at 212 York St. on Yale campus, followed by panel discussion with Kobena Mercer, Laura Wexler, Jessamyn Fiore, and GH Hovagimyan.


Feb. 28, 9am - Mar. 1, 9am      Federal
Mary Ellen Carroll's Federal (2003) screened at Linsly Chittenden Hall on Yale campus.